Meeting Agendas & Information

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Developing a plan for implementing the School Readiness and Voluntary
  • PreKindergarten Programs in accordance with applicable guidelines
  • Providing School Readiness programs on a full-day, year-round basis to the maximum extent possible
  • Providing a single point of entry and a unified waiting list
  • Establishing a sliding fee scale for the School Readiness services
  • Establishing reimbursement rates for School Readiness providers
  • Providing direct enhancement services to families and children in the School Readiness Program
  • Developing strategies to meet the needs of unique populations
  • Establishing specific eligibility priorities, in accordance with applicable guidelines

Board of Directors Meeting Agendas

October 2016: October5 2016 Board Agenda(4).pdf

December 2016:December 2016 Board Agenda(1).pdf

February 2017February1 2017 Board Agenda (002).docx

April 5 2017 April 5 2017 Board Agenda (002).docx

April 5  2017additonal action item Action Item 2016-17-20 DCF Representative.pdf

June 2017 June 7 2017 Board Agenda.docx

Aug 2017 August 2 2017 Agenda.docx

Oct 2017 October 4 2017 Agenda(002).docx

Dec 6 2017 December 6 2017 Agenda.docx Out of County Provider Reimbursement Rates (12-6-2017).docx

Feb 7 2018  /content/files/February%207%20Board%20Agenda%202018%20Agenda.docx

April 4 2018 /content/files/April%204%202018%20Agenda.docx

June 6 2018



Review Hearing Committee



March 31 Review Hearing Committee Agenda March 3 12017(1).docx

March 31ELPOP 105 Review Hearing Committee(1).docx

March 31Luv-N-Hugs Learning.pdf


April 5Review Hearing Committee Agenda April 5 2017 (003).docx



Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the following:

  • The Coalition's Continuity of Operations Plan
  • Taking action on behalf of the Coalition when timelines and requirements call for immediate/emergency decisions
  • Presenting actions to the Coalition board at the next regularly scheduled board meeting following the immediate/emergency action taken

Executive Committee Membership

Rob Wardlow - Chair

Gailen Spinka - Vice Chair

Ryan Hausner - Secretary

JJ Kenney -  Treasurer


Executive Committee Meeting Agendas

March 21 2017 Executive Committee March 21_2017.docx

Sept 28 2017 Executive Committee September28 2017.docx

Jan 17 2018 Executive Committee January20 2018.docx 03068AR Final ELCNatureCoast.pdf  03068AR17 Final SAS114 ELC NatureCoast.pdf

Feb 16 2018 Executive Committee February 16 2018.docx 





Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Procurement, contracts, and negotiations
  • By-Laws amendments and revisions
  • Articles of Incorporation amendments, revisions, and filing
  • Membership, nominations, and slate of officers
  • Budget proposals
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Tracking of monthly expenditures and utilization
  • Development and maintenance of Cost Allocation Plans
  • Single Audit Plan and implementation

Administrative Committee Membership

Rob Wardlow - Chair

Jeanie Davis

Ryan Hausner

JJ Kenney

Gailen Spinka


Sonya Ward


Administrative Committee Meeting Agendas

October 2016:Administrative Committee Agenda October 2016(1).pdf

December 2016:Administrative Committee Agenda - December7 2016(3).pdf

February 2017Administrative Committee Agenda February1 2016.docx cancelled jan 31 2017 cb

April 5 2017 Administrative Committee Agenda April 5 2017.docx

June 2017 Administrative Committee Agenda June7 2017.doc



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